You’re Talking. Are THEY Listening?

shutterstock_274821626One of the biggest complaints I hear from clients is that they can’t get their voice heard over the clutter and clatter of the noisy marketplace. Has that happened to you? There you are with your wonderful widget, and all the passion in the world for having developed it, and no one seems to care. OUCH!

So what do you do? Here’s what works. Talk TO your audience. Sounds simple I know. But, in reality, it isn’t easy. Here’s what often happens: you talk over, around, or at your listener. Let me break that down.

Talk Over: This is when you trot out all your credentials and try to impress the folks listening to you that you have all these degrees, experience, and success. You are proud of your accomplishments and want them to really understand you know what you’re doing. Unfortunately, all they hear is you talking about you. And, you are probably using words from your industry they haven’t heard or, don’t understand. You’re making them feel stupid and inferior. Why should they want more of that? They don’t.

Talk Around: When you aren’t really clear about how you want to communicate your offer, you tend to ramble. You start talking about the topic this way, no, what I meant to saw was… In truth, you haven’t really thought through the best way to explain what you do in simple, understandable terms that re easy to grasp and understand. So, you’re in search mode and your audience has lost interest. As a result, you just lost sales.

Talk AT:  How many times have you listened to someone who comes out of an industry where they learned their trade in lecture halls? These are some of the smartest and most accomplished individuals around. They have so much to offer in terms of experience. The trouble is, they’re still lecturing when they try to explain what they do and why we need it. It created yet another barrier to communication because they seem to be the professor and we are cast as their “students.” We are not comfortable buying from these folks or, working with them. They might want to grade us. No, thanks.

When you learn the art of talking TO someone, you are speaking their language and meeting their needs. It’s not about you anymore. That’s the key. It’s also a completely different mindset that often needs training and practice to achieve. Please take the time to learn how to make your voice heard,  have your message received, and grow your business. Talking in the same ‘ole way, will keep producing the same results.

Mary Jane McKittrick has extensive experience in Entertainment TV, Broadcast TV News, and Corporate Communications. Ms. McKittrick is a proven expert at packaging messages that are compelling and newsworthy. Her expertise is now helping success- driven entrepreneurs, coaches, and thought leaders, make their voices heard and their messaging matter. Mary Jane’s clients are finding success because they are using an approach that is quick, concise, and memorable.


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