Your Elevator Pitch. Clear, Concise, Memorable!

woman-I-get-it-cut-outYour Elevator Pitch. Clear, Concise, Memorable!

Are you serious about growing your business? Then you must take a vital, first step. You need a rapid response Elevator Pitch. It doesn’t matter what you do for a living. Opportunities open up when you are able to nail your response to that dreaded question:

“What Do You Do?”

Is your answer clear, concise, and compelling? Will someone be able to remember what you said and tell others about you?

Were you able to deliver that message in 8 seconds or less?


We need to talk.

It’s a Hash Tag world. You have a nanosecond to grab someone’s attention and get them to want to know more about your business.

You’re not telling your whole story. This second, specialized, pitch is intended to start the conversation. Now you have the opening to connect to listeners and convert them into customers.

Not sure how to come up with that kind of pitch?

No Problem. This is my specialty. I’ve spent decades creating messaging for TV newscasts, entertainment TV, corporate clients, small business professionals, and hard-driving entrepreneurs.

Do you know what they all have in common? They know time is money. If you don’t get your message right – right from the start, you waste TIME and MONEY.

I’ll bet you’ve been told to create a bunch of content and flood social media. That’s great.

IF you’re a Media Pro!

What you really need is a compelling message that ties all of  your stuff together and gives you:

  1. Differentiation in the marketplace
  2. And, a distinctive voice.

It all starts with the 8 second, Elevator Pitch!

Creating a specialized response pitch is tough. Most people think you can just fill in the blanks of a message template. Trouble is, you sound like everyone else that fills in THAT template.

Listen. I know it can be frustrating and defeating to speak and realize that people just don’t hear you.

I truly understand what it feels like when your message doesn’t convey the passion and the importance of what you’re trying to say. It’s a horrible feeling.

Please let me help. Don’t stay stuck

Normally I charge thousands of dollars to create custom messaging.

But for a limited time, I want to make this available.

Here’s what you get:

check Create that viral 8-second pitch. You send me samples of what you’re saying to describe what you do so I can review it and make some tweaks. Our goal is to condense your material to a pitch that people need to hear – not just what you want them to hear. (Most people spend weeks, if not months, on this process alone)
check Review of Re-Worked Pitch. We’ll have a one hour phone call to go over my suggested revisions and come up with applications for your pitch.
check Pitch & Tagline. At the end of our process, you will have a pitch, a possible tag line for your business card, and bullet points to create a sales one-sheet.


How long does it take? About 1 hour.

What do I charge? Normally,  $1, 000



My gift to you is: $397 until March 1st

How long does it take? About 1 hour.

“Consulting with Mary Jane has saved me thousands of dollars that I would have spent in marketing before getting my message right from the start. Thanks a $Million Mary Jane!”
– Jan Saunders MareshTalk For Profit Coach

“After only one hour with Mary Jane, I landed two clients and a $2,000 sale. They said to me, ‘Wow. You are exactly what we need!’ The affirmation that my message was spot on.”
– Mary SheehanPower Through Fear to Success, Coach

These business owners and countless others discovered for themselves the magic in a message that works for them – instead of against them. Picture yourself at a business gathering.

Now prospect are:

  • Rushing up to you instead of away from you
  • They are listening up and opening up their wallets
  • Eager to work with you
  • Telling other people about you and what you offer

When you are speaking in a way that gets heard, your marketing message will produce tangible results. That’s the bottom line isn’t it?

What is your current message costing you? I’m talking dollars and cents. Do you even know? Add up what you’ve spent creating all those services and products that are just sitting there. Are they converting the way you expected? That’s the number you need to consider.

Let’s be honest. You’ve spent Thousands and Thousands of dollars on marketing. And, nothing’s happening the way you expected.

Let’s spend about an hour together and turn that around.

What do I charge? Normally, $2,000.


My gift to you is: $397 until September 31st

Your Marketing Message. Right on the Money!

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