What Is the Story of Your Business?

14304-illustration-of-books-orThe story of your business should read like an open book. The story line should be so obvious, and compelling, we can’t wait to know more. Think about brands that impact your life everyday. Drive by the golden arches. You don’t have to see the sign to know it’s McDonald’s. Think of the latest story you know about the fast food giant. To stay competitive in a crowded market niche, the brand known for hamburgers and fries started offering breakfast all day. Even an established company has to be able to write new chapters.

Can you say the same about your brand? How well do you communicate the value of your business to the marketplace?

I bet you can explain what you do for a living. You probably have a clear idea of how you do it. But can you clearly and quickly explain WHY you do what you do? Probably not. That’s why a sharp, Elevator Pitch is a necessity. That’s what gets our attention.

Now, the rest of the story has to be told in a way that everyone listening to you, working with you, or buying from you, are on the same page. Just to be clear. There is YOUR story and your Brand Story. Make sure you know the difference so you can weave the two together when necessary.

How many times have you had someone tell you, “Just come up with Your story and you can make big bucks?” That sounds too good to be true because it is! It’s a question based on an incomplete premise. We don’t want to hear about all of your accomplishments if there’s nothing in the telling that benefits us – your audience. Some might consider that kind of rendition to be, Your Story. But that version may not be enough to sell Your Brand.

To construct a  Brand Story that sticks requires a thoughtful, researched, approach. Your motivation for your business is very important. But what your business does for your audience is all-important. Your customer wants to hear why you launched this company. People relate to people. We’re listening for some vital clues that connects your Why to our Need. That’s why a story can give you a competitive edge. Once you answer the first part, then we’ll be open to learn how all those processes of yours along with your products and services, will enhance our lives.

When you are able to draw us into the story of your business, and make us care, you create a binding relationship. From that point on, you and  your business will be considered top shelf!

header-author-portait-125Mary Jane McKittrick is a Messaging Expert and professional story teller who specializes in the art of the pitch. As a Consultant,  Mary Jane inspires and empowers business professionals to craft messaging that gets measureable results. Mary Jane is a former TV News Anchor, Reporter, an Producer for 3 network affiliate stations. She has worked behind the camera in Entertainment TV, and as on-camera host of 2 nationally syndicated TV shows. Ms. McKittrick was in charge of overseeing communications for 5 statewide offices while serving as Director of Corporate Communications for a large healthcare company in North Carolina

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