The Best Marketing Tool – Your Message

You're Talking. Do Prospects Hear and Respond?I can’t tell you how many times I get asked, “Why don’t they hear me?” My answer is usually the same: “They hear you, but they don’t understand what you’re saying.” When it comes to clearly and quickly explaining the value of what you offer, most professionals fall short.

You can be  passionate about what you’ve created and want to share. But sometimes, you’re your own worse sales person. It’s happened to all of us. We are so clear about this wonderful thing, program, or service that we’re offering, we can’t understand why others don’t see that. Right away. Now. Buy It. Please! When the truth of the matter may be, that we aren’t looking at our offering from THEIR point of view.

THEY, our potential customers, only want to know how this really, terrific thing we have, will make any difference whatsoever in THEIR lives. Not our life. THEIRS! That kind of paradigm shift in thinking, talking and writing, does not come easily for most of us. It has to be an acquired skill.  That’s why I’ve put together this new FREE guide so you can have a way to craft your messaging in a way that is more compelling and converting.

You’ll see some very real Do and Don’t examples that are designed to give you an idea of the best way to talk in way that connects and converts. Please let me know how you changes the way you talk as a result. I’d love to hear the feedback. To your Success in Messaging!

Mary Jane McKittrick is a Consultant with extensive experience in Entertainment TV, Broadcast TV News, and Corporate Communications. Ms. McKittrick is a proven expert at packaging messages that are compelling and newsworthy. Her expertise is now helping hard-driving entrepreneurs, coaches, and professionals, make their voices heard and their messaging matter. Mary Jane’s clients are finding success because they are using an approach that is quick, concise, and memorable.

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