What clients are saying...

Terra Ferrar

Co-author of, "Skyrocketing Your Product Launch Using Proven Strategies from Experts Around the Globe"

“Ever feel like you are deep in the woods and can no longer see daylight to effectively communicate what you do? That is how it was for me. Had no idea how to speak “snappy” to people about my forth-coming book. Mary Jane, in a nano-second, gave me an example of a snappy sound bite to use. Wow! It made all the difference. Now my “snappy muscle” is getting stronger using her coaching and techniques.”

Dr. Arathi Rao

Psychologist, Speaker, Life Coach

“Mary Jane is a true wizard with words. She worked her magic to create a wonderful JV pitch for me that I can repurpose and use as an elevator pitch to tell people what I do. Mary Jane was able to portray the essence of who I am and what I am about in a very succinct and effective way. If you are a heart centered entrepreneur, I highly recommend that you hire Mary Jane to help you with your messaging and sound bites that sell!”

Thomas Gagliano

Author, Life Coach

“Mary Jane is excellent at helping people explain what they do in a way that really gets heard. She helped me with my Elevator Pitch and my messaging. It was amazing. She has a gift for this.”

Kris Gilbertson
Kris Gilbertson

Lead Generation Specialist & Best Selling Author

“Mary Jane has an exceptional ability to hone your message to drive your ideal prospects into your world and have them wanting to buy what you're selling!”

Randy Mitchell

LeaderShift Expert, Author, Speaker, Trainer

“Mary Jane has the unique ability and gift to bring words to life.  I could not believe the difference in my bio from where it was to what she transformed it into.  She brings clarity to the message and now people can feel the benefits from the services I have to offer.  If you want a clear message and authentic message in the marketplace I would highly recommend having Mary Jane McKittrick work with you to create it.”

Dr. Sandra Camacho

CEO, Antakrana.com

“Mary Jane has a gift for getting to the heart of your value propostion so you can express it in a way that's direct and compelling. Before I worked with her I would lose my message explaining to people the "how" of my work instead of communicating the benefits. Mary Jane brought me back to earth in getting across the value of what I offer in a way that's clear and exciting. If you feel tongue-tied about communicating the value of your work so people "get it", hire Mary Jane! You won't be disappointed.”

Mary S. Sheehan
Mary S. Sheehan, RPh

“Mary Jane came to my rescue when I needed to pitch some potential clients a proposal with little time, no solid plan and a loss for words. After only one hour with Mary Jane, I landed those clients which was a $2,000 sale. They said to me, 'Wow. You are exactly what we need!' which was the affirmation that my message was spot on.”

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