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thalian-hall-2Even the most sterling brands need a little polishing from time to time. What better way to bring your audience, or your customers, into the process than by telling them stories? But not just any ‘ole stories. Let your customers do the talking for you! And, make sure they’re hitting on the key elements of your brand story. This is a specific type of storytelling.

That’s the idea behind our campaign, “Tell Us Your Story. Why do you love Thalian Hall?” If you don’t live near Wilmington, NC then you might not know about this landmark. Thalian Hall Center for Performing Arts is one of the longest running live theaters in the country. It is a cultural icon. It’s architecture is stunning. Everyone talks about the rich history that has informed this performing arts center since before the Civil War. But what about the theater’s future? How do you make sure this venue doesn’t go out of style?

You need to attract new audiences without losing the glory of the original storyline. One way to do that is to build out from where you are right now, leaving the foundation intact. In this case, we started by asking some of the more avid Thalian theater-goers what makes this theater experience special to you? In this way, they’re spreading “Our Story” for us. The stories are posted on the Thalian website and on social media. Here is the latest on Facebook:

Using social media allows people to comment on the stories we tell, and, here’s another tip. We are now offering an incentive (a $25 gift certificate) if they send us Their Story. This does two things: it allows for the possibility of finding great stories without a lot of running around; and it gives us a kind of focus group sampling of what’s working and what’s not. You can find the Thalian Hall website here:

We have now developed a new strategy around storytelling to take it up a notch. I will share with you next time!


As a Strategic Communications Consultant, Mary Jane McKittrick is a messaging expert who specializes in the art of the pitch. Mary Jane skillfully works with business professionals to craft engaging, effective messaging that gets results. Mary Jane is a former TV News Anchor, Reporter, and Producer for 3 network affiliate stations. She has worked behind the camera in Entertainment TV, and as an on-camera host of 2 nationally syndicated TV shows. Ms. McKittrick was in charge of overseeing communications for 5 statewide offices while serving as Director of Corporate Communications for a large healthcare company in North Carolina.

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