Program #1 - $297

Ground Floor Communication -
How to Connect

If you’re a professional, the most dangerous and difficult moment for you happens when someone asks you to describe what you do for a living.

Don’t panic!

This is your window of opportunity to connect. You must inspire your listener to want to hear more. That window is only open for about 8 seconds.

I want to level with you.

Missing the mark, will cost you in ways you can’t imagine. Or, maybe you can because you’ve lost out on business because people didn’t “Get” what you’re saying. Painful, right? You need that 8-second pitch.

With the right training, you will make a quick connection, start a conversation, and have a chance to convert that listener into a customer. And you won’t sound like you’re selling!

This message is the basis for the rest of your marketing copy.

How do we start?


  • We start with a 45-minute phone call.

  • Before our call, you will have downloaded a question/answer form that we will go over together and fill in. That way, we will be on the “same page.”

  • During this call, we will discuss what approach you’re taking now. I want to hear it. Please tell me why you think you’re not getting the results you want.

  • I’m going to ask you about your interests and your unique skills.

  • You will craft an opening pitch based on this information. I will do the same. We will compare notes on the next call.


  • During our next 30- minute call, we will discuss and hone a pitch that is easy for you to use.

  • We will come up with at least one other version that you can use for a specific audience.

  • You will now have an 8-second pitch to use at conferences, networking events, business luncheons and so on. You’ll also have the basic key message to begin to write your About Page and Your BIO. If you struggle, check out Program #2.

Program #2 - $497

Make Your Message Go Further - How to Deliver It

To effectively market your business or product, you must have a message that people will buy. This is the step most people overlook to their detriment. You can’t have successful marketizing without clearly communicating the value of what you’re offering.

You should make sounding like an expert a necessity, not an afterthought. It’s a key element of differentiation in the marketplace.

Experts attract other experts.

Once these “influencers” start to talk about you and promote you, your circle of influence expands.

So, first, you need that all-important message.


  • 45-minute call.

  • If you haven’t already taken The Ground Floor program, we start there. (See above)

  • We need a viable quick, clear, opening pitch to start the process. If you already have one – and it’s converting – that’s where we start. There still may be some necessary tweaks.

  • In the session, we’ll take your pitch and match it to subject, tone, and delivery. It’s one thing to craft words, it’s another to match the message to what the audience expects to hear.

  • We now broaden the message to fit a short description of what you do.

  • This version can be used as a “Blog” bio (for internal audiences)
    Or, as a “Blog” bio (for external audiences) and we go over the differences between the two.

  • You’ll download a work sheet that will guide you in drafting these versions. Next call we’ll discuss the results.


  • 30-minute call.

  • We’ll go over the need for multiple versions of your initial pitch and why. Flexibility in messaging is vital to achieve sustainable results.

  • With these tools in your hands, you can now use your key messaging points to write articles or contribute to guest blogs, etc.

PROGRAM 3 - $997

Your Message Now Works – Package Your Distinct Voice

This program is the full package. It combines the first two Magnify Your Influence programs and adds to them.

Once you have a message that connects, we’ll discuss how it will convert.


  • During a 45 minute call, you’ll identify what your top three needs are at this time. Besides the essential 8-second Elevator Pitch, do you need a finalized ABOUT page, a full BIO, an abbreviated BIO, a One Sheet, or something else?

  • This program is tailored to make sure you have three elements that will anchor your communication and marketing going forward.

  • The process will be the same as the above programs as a starting point.


  • Once we have rough versions of your 8-second Elevator Pitch, and two other elements, we will refine these during a 30-minute phone call.

  • During a final 30 minute call, I will have you practice that messaging as I interview you and try to throw you off message. You may not know it now, but you must be prepared to answer the unexpected questions.

  • Now you are prepared to be interviewed on podcasts, radio, TV, print, or any other type of media. Now you sound like an expert.

This is how you Magnify Your Circle of Influence!

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