New Year. Same Old Message?

New Year 2016We are now safely into 2016. The question is: “Are you still using the same language in your marketing you used last year? How’s that working for you? You ready for a change?”

Let’s start with a little truth telling.
Patterns are so hard to break. We all know that. We get used to doing the same thing, in the same way, with very little variation. Why? Because it’s familiar. It may not get the result we want. Our actions may not improve our situation greatly. But, we’re not taking huge risks and that is comforting.
Here’s a suggestion. Start with a small, but ever-so-important change. I’m talking about a bite-size approach will generate long-term benefits. Please don’t try to overhaul your entire business messaging right off the bat. That is a recipe for disaster. I liken it to trying to lose too much weight overnight. You never stick with THAT diet. The weight comes back on and you just default to the old ways of eating.
What I’m proposing is a paradigm shift in the way you think, talk, and present your business endeavors. Connecting quickly and clearly with an audience is the best way to communicate your value. And when I say YOUR value, I mean your point of differentiation.
For weeks, I have been seeing coaches all over the internet sending out templates for you to fill in the blanks on order to come up with, “your message.” Here’s the problem. You wind up sounding like all those other folks who received that same template! The ones size fits all – may not fit you!
Back to the weight loss analogy. You have to devise a message that suits you, your purpose, and your goals. THEN, you build on that. Without a clear framework for reference, it’s too easy to flounder, get discouraged, and quit. I got talked into a grapefruit diet once. I lost weight. Went off the grapefruit routine, and put that weight right back on. Today, I still have trouble looking at that wonderful fruit!
Don’t try gimmicks. They’re short term. Same time, money, and frustration. Craft a Marketing Message that’s Right on the Money!

Mary Jane McKittrick is a Messaging Expert. As a Consultant and a Coach, Mary Jane inspires and empower business professionals to craft messaging that gets prospects to swarm and creates customers for life. Most importantly, Ms. McKittrick gets results! Mary Jane is a former TV News Anchor, Reporter, an Producer for 3 network affiliate stations. She has worked behind the camera in Entertainment TV, and as on-camera host of 2 nationally syndicated TV shows. Ms. McKittrick was in charge of overseeing communications for 5 statewide offices while serving as Director of Corporate Communications for a large healthcare company in North Carolina

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Mary Jane McKittrick
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Here’s the Problem: So many entrepreneurs are missing opportunities and leaving cash on the table. They want their voices to be heard. They have terrific products and programs that would really help people. But nobody understands what these folks are talking about when they describe their offerings!  Time and time again, I hear from entrepreneurs…
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How You Say it Matters!
David Aronchick of the Huffington Post wrote this piece on Presidential Debates and the power of Soundbites  If you couldn’t say it in less than 10 seconds, it wasn’t heard because it wasn’t aired.”– Michael Dukakis, during the 1998 presidential election In the political run-up to 1992 presidential election, a professor at the University of…
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If you’re wondering why it’s hard to get anyone to pay attention to what you’re saying… take a look at what you’re up against these days. Most people aren’t pay attention to anything, or anyone around them! Getting someone’s attention these days takes real effort. Having the right message, delivered the right way, is vital.
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Why Are Sound Bites Important?
Attention spans have never been shorter… …and if you want your ideas to spread, you must create sound bites. “What’s a sound bite,” you ask? A sound bite is a short message, often no longer than 10 words, that describes the main idea of your content or sales message. It’s easy-to-remember, easy-to-quote, and often get…
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