Lack of a Clear Message is Crippling My Business!

boredroomThis just in: A widespread, rarely discussed, sickness is infiltrating the world of online and direct response marketing. The symptoms include, the inability to attract ideal clients, lack of referrals, loss of self-worth, loss of business and media opportunities, and the inability to close sales. The condition is called, “My Lack of a Clear Message is Crippling My Business.” Fortunately, this ailment is curable.
Countless, passionate, entrepreneurs tell me they’ve got this problem. The disease has infected their entire system. It starts the moment they create valuable products, programs, and services to sell. You’ll know this is happening to you when you hear yourself saying, “No one’s buying what I’m selling.” You admit you’ve already been to specialists for this problem. You’ve followed the advice of a bunch of internet experts who promised that THEIR way, is THE way, to make a lot of money. But, that didn’t happen.
As a creative, motivated business owner, you confess you’ve already invested an incredible amount of time, energy, and money in new venture. Listening to your story, even I start to feel sick! You tell me your initial euphoria has been replaced with other feelings like: fear, disappointment, discouragement, and dread.

shutterstock_226578238“What if this never works? What if my Big Idea isn’t so big after all? What do I do now?” Then it hits you right in your gut. You’re no longer enthusiastic about your new business. Instead, a raging fever of self-doubt and helplessness has set in.
Is there an antidote? YES!
You need an immediate injection of clarity and confidence. Your business is suffering because your message does not grab the attention of your future client, or, anyone else for that matter. It lacks the zing that comes from inspiration. If your ideal clients are going to be persuaded that you, and your offering, are something they MUST have, your message had better be saying it. No more beating around the bush with some hit-or-miss approach. You have to bring your message of inspiration, of hope, and endless possibilities so it connects with enthusiasm to everything you say, and every product you produce.
There’s gold in that thar message!  What are you waiting for?  Take action, NOW!

Mary Jane McKittrick has extensive experience in Entertainment TV, Broadcast TV News, and Corporate Communications. Ms. McKittrick is a proven expert at packaging messages that are compelling and newsworthy. Her expertise is now helping success- driven entrepreneurs, coaches, and thought leaders, make their voices heard and their messaging matter. Mary Jane’s clients are finding success because they are using an approach that is quick, concise, and memorable.


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