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thalian-hallWith a New Year looming, consider a re-boot for your brand in 2017. How can you reach a larger audience? Even an established and revered brand like Thalian Hall in downtown Wilmington, NC can use an infusion of new voices. Thalian showcases mostly local talent and is one of the oldest theaters still in operation in this country. Trouble is, it’s rich history and smorgasbord of offerings is often lost on younger audiences. How do you get them from tablet to theater? How do you reach the newcomers who are moving to Wilmington in droves?

So, we’re attempting to remind and inform people why attending performances in a theater that dates back to pre-Civil War days, is an -dimensional experience. That’s the idea behind a new marketing campaign we’re loosely calling, “People Are Talking About Thalian Hall.” Every story is designed to give the people who buy tickets, to the people who perform on the stage and behind it, a chance to share why they are invested in this magical place.

One of the ways you reach younger audiences is to talk to them where they go to find out what’s going on in local entertainment. That’s where we placed the first article.

In my next post, I’ll show you how we’re using these interviews on social media platforms to inspire others to share their Thalian Hall stories with us. The more stories, and the more voices you can find to talk about your brand, they less you’ll spend on advertising!

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