Is Your Business Message Off Course?

Where did I go wrong?

You’re an entrepreneur who’s passionate about what you do. You have this amazing marketing message that you can’t wait to share. And then you realize that message that tells people all about the fantastic products and programs you’ve created, just doesn’t seem to reach its intended audience. Somehow, somewhere, it goes off course. You know this is true, because nothing’s happening. Where are all those prospects you were trying to reach? Why can’t anyone hear what you’re trying to say? At this point, all you want to do is start screaming at the top of your voice, “HELP!”

So, before you and your message wind up this far off course, let’s take a step back and find out how you wound up here. First, think about why people need what it is that you offer? Are you really clear about that?

Let me explain why I want you to start there. Because when you begin to chart a course for your message to take, you first have to consider its destination. So, for this travel plan to work out the way you want, consider who’s going to be there to welcome you, and your message, when you arrive. If you want the folks waiting for you to be excited, to see and hear what you have to say, you’d better have packed something that you can deliver they were hoping you would bring.

Right off the bat, I want you to envision them. They’re standing there with signs that read, “What Have You Brought Me?” Instead of thinking about all that you can say about what you do, how you do it, what it costs, what amazing research, development, etc., went into the product that YOU have produced, turn that thinking around.

You see they’re not waiting for you to talk about YOU and all that YOU do. All they want is to hear about is how you,  and what’s packed in your suitcase, is going to do for THEM. How is what you bring to the meting going to make a real difference in their life, their income, the way they feel – all of it? If you’re not ready to tackle these questions, then do look for help.

Before you send you and your business message out in the world in search of gold, please make sure you have a well-thought-out plan of action. You have a very short window, seconds in fact, to make that first pitch that will send prospects compelled to move towards you – or repelled and looking for someone else with something better to offer. There’s an ocean of opportunity waiting for you, please make sure your message is seaworthy!

Mary Jane McKittrick has extensive experience in Entertainment TV, Broadcast TV News, and Corporate Communications. Ms. McKittrick is a proven expert at packaging messages that are compelling and newsworthy. Her expertise is now helping success- driven entrepreneurs, coaches, and thought leaders, make their voices heard and their messaging matter. Mary Jane’s clients are finding success because they are using an approach that is quick, concise, and memorable.

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