Creating “Your Story” is Not Enough!

IAT-Pitch-3D-face-leftLet’s get real. Because I’m known as a Messaging Consultant, my email server is bombarded by so-called, “experts,” telling me if I just create My Story I can be effective in selling on the internet. That’s bunk! Unless you grab someone’s attention in 10 seconds – or less- they don’t care about “Your Story.” No one will be around to listen to it. How many of these experts, who are willing to have you pay them big bucks for their storytelling “expertise” have actually worked in the media? Precious few I can tell you. And that makes a HUGE difference.

If they had worked for a news operation, they would tell you the truth. Americans have a nanosecond to get anyone to pay attention to them. It’s the nature of the multi-media environment in which we life and work. We often talk in hash-tags. Your story is important, but only AFTER you explain what you do in a way that makes them want to hear more.

And, that’s where most people wind up leaving money on the table. They really don’t know how to pique someone’s interest in their business, quickly. If you’re like most professionals, you can’t wait to tell someone about what you do, or what you’ve created. And, you go on and on and on about it.

I have spent decades working in Entertainment TV; TV broadcast news as an anchor, reporter and producer; and as the Director of Corporate Communications overseeing 5 offices statewide for a large healthcare company in NC. I know a lot about packaging messages for a variety of audiences.

Please allow me to help you avoid the pitfalls of the emails coming at you. I can help you craft Your Story. That’s a no-brainer. But capturing the essence of your business and communicating its value in a matter of seconds is an art. It takes years of experience and training to do it right.

If you need that kind of directed help please contact me:

Don’t waste any more time and money on hype!

Mary Jane McKittrick is the founder of Success Messaging Systems. She is known for enabling clients to make money through their clear and compelling messaging. Here’s what clients say about working with Mary Jane: “Fun!,” “Learned a new way of speaking,” “Can’t believe all the times I was using the word I to describe what I do,” “Finally. I can answer the question What do you do? in a way that gets me results!” “Wish I hadn’t spent so much time and money doing it the wrong way. Thank you, Mary Jane!”


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