You Gotta Fail to Find The New

When two great minds meet, sparks fly. That was never more true that when veteran newsman, Charlie Rose would interview Robin Williams on his PBS show. I recently watched one of those exchanges from years ago. Charlie asked the king of improvisational stand up, “Is there any fear of failure when you’re up there?” Great…

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Trapped in Your Own Lingo?

Let’s face it. When someone asks you to describe what you do for a living, it’s easy to default to the answer you always use. You give your title, category, or where you work. Maybe you answer in the language of “your people,” and we have no idea what you’re saying. These are costly mistakes.…

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You’re on Social Media. Can You Pitch Like a Media Pro?

Do you know how to talk like a Media Pro? You don’t like the media. Well, guess what? You are the media! Every time you Text, Tweet, post a comment, photo, or video on Facebook or Instagram, you’re “in the media.” Why do you think it’s called, Social Media?  Like it or not, all of…

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Why Is It So Hard To Be Understood?

In the midst of gut-wrenching, emotional turbulence, our country is wrestling with some of the most profound, and unsolved, issues of our times. And now that we’re openly talking about race, gun violence, income inequality, and so on – will we be able to communicate in a way that leads to lasting change? There’s a…

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Authenticity Hits the Right Note

Ready to be inspired? Meet Calista Bevier. She is a survivor and an inspiration. So much has been discussed about the need for transparency and authenticity in business and relationships of all kinds. Trouble is, most of those discussions are just that – all talk. It’s easy to say that these qualities are essential for…

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