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Message Consistency is Key

Wouldn’t it be great if you talked about your business and got this enthusiastic response? Want to test your effectiveness? Here’s an interesting exercise. Ask any five people who are familiar with your business and ask them to explain what you do. Chances are you’ll get five different answers. Why is that? Because most of…

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Moms Who Act

If you have a brand where art imitates life, make sure you show it’s many sides. That’s why we go behind the curtain of a landmark theater in Wilmington, NC. As part of our, Why I Love Thalian Hall series, we introduce you to three moms who are actors. As you’ll see, they are acting in…

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Re-Brand with Stories

Even the most sterling brands need a little polishing from time to time. What better way to bring your audience, or your customers, into the process than by telling them stories? But not just any ‘ole stories. Let your customers do the talking for you! And, make sure they’re hitting on the key elements of your…

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Keep ‘Em Talking

With a New Year looming, consider a re-boot for your brand in 2017. How can you reach a larger audience? Even an established and revered brand like Thalian Hall in downtown Wilmington, NC can use an infusion of new voices. Thalian showcases mostly local talent and is one of the oldest theaters still in operation…

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Communicate Your Value

Trying to explain the importance of what you do, is one of the hardest things as a business professional you have to face. And now, due to limited attention spans, you have to do it fast! You know what I’m talking about and it’s a real challenge. You need to know how best to communicate…

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