Do you know why you bore them to tears?

Learn How to Communicate Your Value to Influencers!

Allow Mary Jane to show your audience the power of messaging that connects and converts... into business opportunities, publicity, and influence.

  • What are you trying to say? You must explain what you do in simple, universal terms, so we “get it”!
  • Get to the point! You have eight seconds to grab my attention. No matter what business you’re in, you can do it. You must do it.
  • Message before marketing. Persuade with conversation, not sales talk, and you will reap greater rewards.

Strategic Communications Consultant, Mary Jane McKittrick, has a knack for translating regular speak into language that gets results. She honed her skills working as a television news anchor, reporter, and producer; as a TV magazine host; and as a corporate communications director.

Mary Jane listens for the intent behind your passion and industry jargon. She reframes your content and delivery so your message is clear. Now you can convey value to potential customers and see your business or career soar.

In addition to her work as a Strategic Communications Consultant and Speaker, Mary Jane is also the founder of Shady Pines(TM) Story Town. Her first addition of the Shady Pines Story Town presents Boomer and Halley book series made her a Mom’s Choice Award-winning author. Mary Jane continues her mission of guiding people of all ages to engage helpful and clear communication.

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